James Jianqiao Yu
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Department of Computer Science

University of York

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Electric Vehicle Dynamic Wireless Charging System: Optimal Placement and Vehicle-to-Grid Scheduling

Shiyao Zhang and James J.Q. Yu*

IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Volume 9, Issue 8, April 2022, Pages 6047--6057

Electric vehicle (EV) dynamic wireless charging system has become an emerging application in the area of the intelligent transportation system (ITS). However, an integrated design of EV dynamic wireless charging system requires the considerations of both the economical and technical perspectives of a smart city. Specifically, most of the existing researches unilaterally considers the application of either placement strategy for power tracks (PTs) or dynamic vehicle-to-grid (V2G) scheduling. In this paper, we propose a multi-stage system framework to account for an integrated EV dynamic wireless charging system in a smart city. First of all, an optimal placement strategy for PTs is developed based on city traffic information and EV energy demand. Then, having the optimal locations of PTs through the previous stage approach, the proposed dynamic V2G scheduling scheme is formulated to coordinate the schedules of EVs with the provision of daytime V2G ancillary services. Our simulation results present that the proposed multi-stage system model achieves improvements on both the placement strategy and V2G scheduling scheme. In addition, relatively low economic system costs can be obtained through our proposed model.